Lisa Wiersma

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Lisa Wiersma is an Amsterdam-based artist who enjoys the beauty and variety in flora, fauna and human nature.

Her work comprises scenes from renowned (hi)stories of the world (depicted with awe and irony), decorative blooming and withering flowers, and the animal kingdom.

“Being an art historian too, I roam about museum collections and all kinds of online databases. I save beautiful or inventive pictures, and make selections of selections of selections, creating the right mindset and planting the seeds for my work. In addition, I save ideas, self-made photographs, fragments of stories, and sketches - sometimes I have them stored for years. When I am exploring an art form or technique or have a commission, I can choose the most appropriate design (or just the one I really like to elaborate on at that moment) and substantiate the image”.

Minotauros (2015)

Bloemenserie  (2015)

Bloemenserie (2015)