Lucas Muñoz Muñoz

Eindhoven, Netherlands


Lucas has been making and producing since his early twenties. He founded eStudio enPieza! in Madrid with a friend. His work traveled the world and became part of important private and public design collections (a highlight is the permanent founds of London‘s Royal Science Museum).

Since 2012, he works on his own from the Netherlands. He develops pieces that take a look at our artificial environment. His tools are humor and rawness, and his body of work includes a wide range of typologies that span from boats and speakers to chairs and lamps. Besides being a strong workshop maker, he also develops conceptual and critical work based on local and context-driven research.

Taking processed and unprocessed materials as sources, Lucas Muñoz Muñoz (Madrid 1983) develops a body of work with a methodology that spins around a respect to the rawness of the involved ingredients.

These ingredients are in this case objects as mountain stones, serving trays and ventilation pipes that, in his atelier in Eindhoven, get redefined into rocking chairs, skateboards and lamps. Nature, the domestic environment and Industry loose,are a prescribed function in his work that perform a different, sometimes surrealist one. Not an experiment on recycling or upcycling, but on material properties and function affordances in the available resources of our artificial environment.

FOUNDATIONS project (2014)

"Foundations is an exploration on the origins of objects. Everyone we make is another step in a very long cultural evolution. Since the first handaxe, some million years ago, we have been developing through creativity our ways to understand and interact within the world."

This exploration looks to 6 basic roots: animal, environmental, commodities, social, mobility and cultural foundation. Each of these is studied through one or more objects which visually intend to find a present possibility for a lost-in- the past future.

Hence, this is a collection that looks into philosophical theories like Gibson ́s Theory of Affordances, Stoermer ́s Anthropocene concept. As well as sociological ones like the Bruno Latour ́s Actor Network Theory. These and other texts have driven a critical- creative process of questioning our artificial environment. Reflecting on the way we conceive, and basically make the things we surround ourselves with, intending to gather the nature of our artificial environment.

The Living Stone

(Out of the series "Commodity Foundation" 2014)

The Stone Board   (out of the series “Mobility Foundation” 2014)

The Stone Board

(out of the series “Mobility Foundation” 2014)

Brazil, Tubular Lamp   (out of the series “Cultural Foundation” 2014)

Brazil, Tubular Lamp

(out of the series “Cultural Foundation” 2014)