Matteo Fiorentini

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Matteo was born in Trieste (Italy) a couple of decades ago. In 2013, he decided to start a new life in Amsterdam. The beginning of his adventure was not really what he expected, when he realized that finding a house in this city is just pure madness. The only stay he found when he landed was a small room in a tiny and crowded apartment in the Red Light District. Living between a bunch of different creatures, and not being even able to cook a plate of pasta because of the nastiness of his kitchen became part of his new journey. All this was indeed as inspiring as it was messy. He just thought: “New city, new challenges”. Cool.

Matteo studied to be an expert ship-builder and interior designer. After some working experience in the sector, he found out that this was actually not what would happily fulfill his future, and entered the stage which probably every exciting live includes and asked himself: “what do I like” and “what the fuck should I do with my life”.

Luckily, quite soon Fiorentini had the most beautiful crush of his life. This new love would help him answer those existential questions. She was just wonderful, and he was impressed. Since about one year ago they form a very solid couple. He started to realize that existence is not flat, but rather a combination of short detailed scenes that people should not miss. Her name is Canon, and what she loves the most is to capture scenes and turn them into immortal pieces.


(Nusa lembogan,Indonesia. 2016)

It' s all about the music    (Antwerp. 2016)

It' s all about the music

(Antwerp. 2016)

Untitled    (2016)



Tromba de Fuego   (London. 2016)

Tromba de Fuego

(London. 2016)

Over Populated    (Amsterdam. 2016)

Over Populated

(Amsterdam. 2016)