Buddy Verstrepen

Rotterdam, Netherlands


Buddy Verstrepen is a Dutch designer and conceptual artist who is obsessed by science and nature in all its forms and strongly believes that our organic world contains all the answers man is looking for. He feels that the “rules” of nature should apply to everything we do and create in and for this world. With his work he is either trying to capture a piece of this world or showing how these rules affect an inorganic object.

All his designs are in some way “grown”, they follow a certain evolutionary course or flow in a natural way.

When making something new he is translating these organic features into products which float between the worlds of art and design. Conceptual, sculpture-like, functional products, made to inspire and show the esthetics and logic of nature.



Lux is a lamp produced in the same way as nature would produce an organism. She is build according to anatomical and evolutionary rules. Build in layers, starting with a skeleton, then the organs, the flesh and finally a skin. The project started with the design of a simple organism, which evolved over a serie of happenings, the final form of this creature was then translated into a product.

Lux (2015)


Sonis are two ultra organic speakers made to please the eyes as well as the ears. These functional sculptures came into existence when modern materials met the old sculpting methods. Inspired by organisms such as insects and deep sea creatures, these speaker will make any sound come alive.

Sonis is made up of a welded steel skeleton, covered by a layer of hand-sculpted foam which is enclosed in a polyester and fiberglass skin. This makes it possible to create a flowing free form which is still strong enough to endure anything thrown at her.

The skinny legs give her a light and gentile look and also make sure the contact points with the earth are minimal to counteract the vibrations she is giving of.

Sonis  (2015)

Sonis (2015)


Molecule is a wine bottle rack madeof laser cut triplex. It takes shape by stacking multiple layers on top of each other to create a 3 dimensional space to store up to six bottles of wine or other bottled beverages. The form is symmetric and therefore has no front, back, bottom or top. One can lay it horizontal for extra storage space by stacking bottles on top of it instead of inside of it. The feet that allows it to stand vertical can also be used to store your corkscrew: so you will never have to go far to open your favorite wine! The fluid round shape is inspired by molecular structures. Instead of a normal bottle rack, it doesn’t consists of closed spaces but is made by a single contour which creates a open space that still allows you to store bottles on given points just like a normal bottle rack.

Molecule ( 2015)

Molecule (2015)