Sella Molenaar

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Sella Molenaar is a former student of the Antwerp Fashion Academy and has a Bachelor in Modern & Contemporary Art. But most of all, she just loves to draw.

“Drawing has always been a part of my life and art, fashion and my surroundings are my main sources of inspiration. I’m always searching to capture the essence of my subject but always with a spontaneous approach. Therefore, my illustrations are defined by intuitive lines, pure simplicity and infinite freedom. I love drawing strong women but always in an imperfect way. It’s the little accidents, the white (non-) spaces and unpolished brushstrokes that makes my illustration come alive. Imperfection is part of our human nature and it’s what I
like to capture on paper.“

Untitled (2016)

Untitled    (2016)

Untitled (2016)